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[RAVEiew] Cyber Month Tech Sale + Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

do you still remember the first cellular phone you had? just like you (probably!), i started with the legendary nokia 3310 (my sister had the indestructible nokia 5110), then a motorola e398 that lasted almost 5 years, then a nokia 1202. when i started earning by working part-time when i was in college, i saved up for a new cellphone because somehow my 1202 has started falling apart. that’s when i got myself an LG Cookie. and more importantly, that’s when i found a place i consider a second home.

i never knew i had a deep fancy for technology and gadgets until i stepped into this wonderland called SM Cyberzone. it’s home to the newest, and latest tech innovations that will surely rock your world, and rack your pockets. for as we all know, the newer the technology, the heftier the price. aw.

fortunately, SM Cyberzone is on a mission to connect us to the world of technology and if money’s a problem, they’ve got us covered!

this WHOLE MONTH of August is SM Supermall’s Cyber Month Tech Sale! can you believe it? a month long SALE? havey na havey! i know it’s probably too late but if you were one of those who rushed in to this celebration, i’m sure you were able to get the most out of it even if you just window shopped (like me haha). and if you missed it, come on, are you sure you really missed it? doesn’t SM mean SALE MONTHLY? haha you bet pakbet! there’s more to come! after all, the BER months are gleaming over the horizon already!

everything we do today is dependent on technology. it has become a powerful metric of how society has improved (or not). it is a social symbol, you may not know it but you are being judged by the gadgets you use. it is a powerful marketing tool, it affects your business and how your clients perceive you. what can i say, technology is life. and not only has it shaped our needs, it also has built our identities.

there’s no denying how technology has redefined the way we live, and most especially, communicate! i’m saying this because this is the part where i let technology take dibs with my brain (and wallet). gone were the days when all i needed was a basic phone that lets me call and text. now i want to be able to chat online, check and send emails, listen to music, watch videos, access my socials, take awesome pictures, and read books! and that’s just my minimum requirements! oha. it still impresses me how i consider those features non-negotiables, when clearly i can live with just a basic monochrome bar phone. BUT CAN I, REALLY? uhh, nope.

which is why i’m sharing with you my favorite favorite smartphone ever (like, so far haha), the *drumroll please* Sony Xperia Z1 Compact … because it ticked off all of the items in my list of non-negotiable features, plus offered a lot more i honestly don’t know what to do with. haha i bought it over at SM Fairview Cyberzone within the month it was released to our local shores because that’s how excited i was about it. haha

my Z1C w/ some englishmen

if you know me, you would know that i’m a freak for the latest mobile trends, but i’m never one to keep up cos my hands can’t! literally! i have small hands so i’m always on the lookout for quality compact phones. sadly nowadays mobile phone manufacturers have frenzied over the size to specs ratio, and apparently there’s no stopping them. the higher the specs, the bigger the phone. thus, nothing suitable for me. šŸ™

fortunately, Sony was kind and smart enough to produce a compact version of the well-received Sony Xperia Z1, sensing perhaps a considerable demographics of small-handed people like me haha! the Z1 Compact is nothing short in specs compared to its parent, except for the size of course, which is why i instantly got excited when news came out early this year.

so excited, in fact, that i raved about it once in this blog as my dream phone because it has everything i wanted in a phone and much much more! and now that i finally have it, it’s time to verify if it lived up to my expectations.

i’ll be rounding up my top 5 favorite features below (in no particular order), and as a bonus, i’ll be quoting actual mall prices so you’ll have more to consider! thanks to Cyberzone!


1. 20.7mp camera w/ G sensor and a dedicated camera key

i seriously feel like a FotograFer (double F cos F na F) when i’m using this phone to take pictures. the quality is excellent specially in well lighted areas. even the 2mp front camera takes decent selfies, and feeling ko may auto-beautify sya cos i’m always GGSS when i see my shots. #pagbigyan

hashtagNoFilter! haha

2. Waterproof!

one of the reasons i enjoyed our latest barkada outing was because of this! i was able to take it with me in the water, and yeaaaahh, not a single care was given!

3. LTE enabled!

this feature has leveled up my browsing experience. as in. and with our local telcos aggressively pushing this technology to its limit, it’ll be no time when not a nook in this metro is reached with that elusive and exclusive 4G signal.

4. Compact size at 4.3″

it’s small and handy and perfect for my hands! and like i said, i was happy with the fact that they didn’t cut the specs along with the size.

5. Decent 2300mAH battery

kering keri the battery. the phone lasts me 2 days without charging and with regular use (call, text, wifi). plus, the Z1C has an energy management app you could use to control how much juice is spilled from your baby. šŸ™‚

that’s it for my favorite features! to date, this is already my 13th cellphone, and i don’t mind using it for a couple more months… unless of course if i win an LG G3! hihi >XD

kaya naman…

mwah <3

OTHER COOL FEATURES (i have yet to find an excuse to use hehe)

ever since CLOUD happened, i’m not the USB type of person anymore. still, the USB on-the-go feature of this phone could come in handy for those occasional file transfers. say you ran out of memory and wanted to free up some space without deleting stuff, you can move them to another storage device w/ the OTG cable.

Near Field Communications. i have high hopes for this technology but right now there’s not much chance to exploit this. when it hits the main road, uhm, i’ll hit it too. haha


WHERE? obvious ba. you have to get this at SM Cyberzone because I BET it’s the nearest, cleanest, and most trustworthy gadget haven around your place. and really, is there any other place you’d want gadget shopping in? nu-uhh.

HOW MUCH? i looked around SM Fairview Cyberzone to see how much it fares 4 months after its release and here’s what i found!

Xperia Kiosk
Php 22,990

Php 23,690

Techno Mobile
Php 23,350

those are the cheapest i found! and i promise you, for that price, you are not only getting sony’s smallest most powerful phone, you’re also investing in your future! #makesSenseYan


Get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale! #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingForTheTechieInYou

i’ve always thought the amount of discount SM offers, is directly proportional to the amount of people it drives in further! 50% OFF? that’s 50% more people in the mall! wooooh!