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[RAVE + SPOILER ALERT] The Legend of Korra Book 3 Finale

yesterday before heading to the mall to watch Rorouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, i decided to watch the last 2 episodes of Korra, Book 3 – Change. jeckie said it was super epic and i believed him so i watched with him and daaaang was i not disappointed!


super duper epic that it’s the first time ever in my entire life that i was shouting and flailing all over the couch because the fight scenes were so amazing, shocking, impressive, and everything else. there’s a whirlwind of emotions in my chest that i soooo cannot contain! even until now, the excitement is still overflowing. every time i remember those scenes, my heart is filled with so much regard for the story and wooooh! grabe! my awe was sustained even when Soujiro already broke Kenshin’s blade. past credits and the feeling remains! WAAAAAAHH!!!

i don’t know where to compare this too, but i believe this is akin to those die hard NBA fans witnessing an epic buzzer beater. i really don’t know, i don’t watch NBA. hahaha

now for my favorite scenes!

i have a lot! almost everything awed me, but i selected only those i would watch over and over and over again because i just can’t get over the epicness. arghhhh
i did warn you about SPOILERS. so sorry. 

Bolin’s lava bending

And we all thought Bolin was going to learn to metal bend eventually, with all his frustration learning it at Zaofu, but no! He was meant for something better and more epic! While escaping a collapsing cave with Asami, Mako and a heavily wounded Tenzin, it was Bolin’s task to prevent them from drowning into a stream of lava raging aggressively against them, thanks to Ghazan. His earth barriers only got them as close to reaching a tunnel’s end, but with the lava flowing closely behind, he has got to do something. with a deep breath,  he faced the approaching lava and bent for the last time, or not, cos he just faced the best shock of his life. the lava receded and cooled down! achievement unlocked, Bolin could lava bend!

and my super duper favorite scene…

P’Li’s end

The Beifongs were faced against the notorious combustion woman, and finding that it’ll be impossible to beat her, Lin decided to distract her while she sends Su to follow Korra, but not after saying “I love you” to her younger sister. not a few yards later, Su turns and sees a beaten Lin at the edge of the cliff, struggling to get up, and P’Li poised to put and end to her with that deathly beam. In a split second, Su bends her chest armor and charged it against P’Li’s head, covering it and causing her combustion attack to explode against herself.

 Hearing someone say I love you on a situation like that (and from Lin of all people!) was very telling of something tragic to come, and i braced myself for it. i was prepared to cry! thank goodness Su responded quickly!

woooh grabe lang that scene! sobrang aaaaarggh wooooh!! waaaah!! fjkdfhksdjhfdshfkds

yun lang naman! i just wanted to share how awesome those scenes are for me. so awesome that it keeps on distracting us while we were watching Kyoto Inferno. the movie was good but the finale of Korra is much better, so sayang di ko masyado naenjoy. hahaha >XD

goooood morning everyone and have a blessed holiday! >XD