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down with the annual fever fest

for some reason, i always get sick at this point in time, august! as in sick with fever, cough, and colds for a good 3 days w/ a hospital visit and tons of antibiotics to boot. it’s the, according to my medical history, 3rd time it happened in 3 years! and it’s always around august! what’s with this month? anyway, i’d like to think it’s just the weather. >XD

aside from being sick i also have this horrible, horrible feeling that i will (finally) lose my job when i come back on monday. but i’m just kidding. and as usual, you can take my jokes as half-meant! kidding! now that’s 1/4! whatever.

there’s just so much work i left when i took a 3 day sick leave and when i come back next week, i’ll only be working for 4 days because there’s goes my planned vacation leave. i’m not even sure if our manager has already approved my leave request. but whatever happens, approved or not, i shall go out. even if it costs me my job. like, i hope it costs me my job! again, i’m just kidding. please.

i feel bad and stressed out for not being able to deliver. i bet my tasks are being raffled off (again) cos i won’t be able to finish it as usual. in time. not even because i’m sick. just because.

and for the record, i believe i can finish my tasks naman! but in the right time? malay nyo in time. haha

i feel so nega! huhu

on the bright side, sky cable called me to confirm our address! they’re installing the free 1 month access i won from their nuffnang contest! hihi exciting >XD

another bright side, there’s 11 episodes of 2 Broke Girls Season 3 waiting for meeeee! >XD just the thought makes my day. what am i to do after season 3!!! aaaargghh

hm. i hope you’re all doing fine this weekend! >XD