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Month: August 2014

  • [RAVEiew] Cyber Month Tech Sale + Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

    do you still remember the first cellular phone you had? just like you (probably!), i started with the legendary nokia 3310 (my sister had the indestructible nokia 5110), then a motorola e398 that lasted almost 5 years, then a nokia 1202. when i started earning by working part-time when i was in college, i saved… Continue reading

  • [RAVE + SPOILER ALERT] The Legend of Korra Book 3 Finale

    yesterday before heading to the mall to watch Rorouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, i decided to watch the last 2 episodes of Korra, Book 3 – Change. jeckie said it was super epic and i believed him so i watched with him and daaaang was i not disappointed! IT WAS SO FRKN EPIC!!! super duper epic… Continue reading

  • Welcome to!

    new domain! i finally bought my own domain! i always thought it was too expensive to get one but then it’s actually very cheap naman pala! GoDaddy has an existing promo when i bought mine this week and i only paid php 824.something for 2 years subscription! dati kasi, i thought .com websites are hosted where… Continue reading

  • Joined: MILO R2 APEX Running Clinic Season 9

    click for source yehey! i was so excited when i heard that MILO is holding another running clinic this year! i believe it was so successful, and the demand for another batch was too high! i was among those who asked if they could hold another, cos i missed the summer batch. huhu so what’s… Continue reading

  • down with the annual fever fest

    for some reason, i always get sick at this point in time, august! as in sick with fever, cough, and colds for a good 3 days w/ a hospital visit and tons of antibiotics to boot. it’s the, according to my medical history, 3rd time it happened in 3 years! and it’s always around august!… Continue reading