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Month: July 2014

  • a dream is a wish your heart makes

    i just had one of my most vivid dreams ever. here it goes: //start dream i was in the office and ms. sheela, one of our bootcamp trainers, approached me to talk to me in private. i was already apprehensive of the news. i knew they were gonna fire me so i asked her politely… Continue reading

  • Big B Burgers: a new favorite!

    forget diet! enter Big B Burgers, a newly opened burger joint around Maginhawa, which serves one of the best and most unique (so far!) burgers i’ve ever tried. osya sige, go item #1: The BIG B Burger (Php 99) the major selling point. quarter pound. 50-50 beef x bacon. now drool.   on first look,… Continue reading

  • reality bites

    we all thought that after bootcamp is over, we’d be safe from ‘elimination’. apparently not so, as one of our batchmates has just been pulled out, or uhm, relieved of his position, he’s now fixing his clearance. argh. grabe! here’s how i feel 1) of course i feel about bad for my friend i’m probably… Continue reading

  • hooray for a new lay!

    aaaaaargh this is so frustrating! but it came out quite nice naman don’t you think? HAHA did you know that i was holding all my pending blog entries (ie. church anniv, big b burgers, work rants) because i didn’t want to plug with my old layout, not when i’m itching to “upgrade” to a new… Continue reading

  • morning walks and #ProjectKorra

    our so called jogger’s avenue a quick post before i sleep!  this month, i promised myself i’d be working out at least 5 days a week. naaaaaks. so on july 1, i woke up relatively earlier, like 7am HAHA, to begin a morning routine that is hopefully going to brew into a lifestyle, WALKING FOR… Continue reading