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mail check: get paid for answering online surveys! [UPDATED]

i signed up at Global Test Market around february last year along with other sites offering paid online surveys (like survey savvy, survey head, and acop), and finally, after over a year, i was able to accumulate the minimum points required to request for a cashout amounting to $50. so i cashed out, only to make sure if it really pays before i take on more surveys. and well, it did!
but wait, what? one year and only $50?
well, yes! cos as you can see, it’s not a full time job. you can do it when you’re free, and bored, and when there’s a survey offer! and the cool thing is it actually pays, plus registration is FREE! honestly, it’s one of the best paid online survey sites since it offers around 3-6 surveys a month, depending on your profile. hehe.
so on april 30 i requested for a cashout, and on june 11, a surprise came in the mail! yeheyyy!

i wasn’t expecting it to arrive that early cos it says to wait 6-8 weeks, and even though it came on the 6th week, i was expecting it by the end of june pa so i was really surprised by this. sakto pang mejo broke ako! haha

thank you Lord!
just wondering: is there danger in posting checks online?
proof of earnings! it may be small, but my point is IT PAYS!!!
so in a year, i was offered 60 surveys, 40 of which i was screened out from * but still got rewarded a few points for it. 
here’s how it works:

– sign up at GMI and answer a few profiling surveys (this will determine the kind of surveys they’ll offer you)
– sit back, relax, and wait for survey offers on your email 🙂

– every survey will earn you around 30-80 points when completed

– * when you get screened out from a survey, meaning, after taking preliminary questions they figured you’re not part of the target audience needed for that study, you still get 5 points!
– minimum points required for a cashout is 1,000 points. that’s $50 payable to you by check (or paypal)
– JOIN by registering on their website or BE MY REFERRAL (just leave me your email address and i’ll refer you ASAP). that’s 20 points for me if you’re kind! 
unsolicited advice:

as with anything, BE HONEST. even if you’re just taking a survey for a dime, the people who pay GMI (who in turn pays us), are conducting research valuable to the company they’re representing. we’re talking studies, and statistics that shape the corporate world. haha
but seriously, when you come across a preliminary question that you think will get you screened out, take a deep breath, move your mouse pointer to the truth, and click, you did the best thing. what’s 30 points in exchange of your integrity?! HAHAHAHA yes.
IMPORTANT UPDATE (June 26, 2014)
whew. i just want to let you know that it took so much pride on my part to admit this, but i was too excited when i received the check that i instantly believed it was real,hence this blog post. but when i tried to encash it: THE CHECK BOUNCED. omg, you can laugh at me now. peg na peg ko pa naman ung pag-promote diba.
anyway, according to the bank where i had the check deposited, the account name on the check was already closed. when i emailed checksupport@globaltestmarket.com about it, the one who replied to me was clientcare.chx@chexxinc.com and they said that their ANZ account has unexpectedly closed, and that i should contact global test market directly using this overly non-responsive complaints bin: support-en@globaltestmarket.com

anyway, none of my inquiries have been answered by any Global Test Market staff YET, so i’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for six months (cos i’m kind like that lol). According to our local ANZ, they stopped taking check orders from PACNET fairly recently, so maybe GTM wasn’t aware of the closed account when they issued the check.
HOWEVER. i’m leaning more the SCAMMY side of this, seeing that online reviews are 50-50. i’m just glad only my time was wasted and nothing more. haha


and yes, you can still laugh at me. i am. 

ETA 2014-09-25: oops! GTM finally answered my emails and now things are doing quite well with my requests. will write more about it when i finally get my cash! 2 more months? 😀


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