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Have a break and join the KitKat Break Movemement

sadly, ever since i started working, this is how i always see myself: tired, stressed, full of worries, and exponentially getting fat. did you know that i’ve already gained 10 unhealthy kilos since i debuted in my supposed real world (aka IT industry), and as of writing, it’s getting worse! uhuh, check out my latest pic (and blame stress eating too):

(c) Yan Birog
haggardo versoza meets stress drilon! yep that’s (more or less) me, chips on one hand, more chips on the other, and negative balloons burgeoning at the back of my head. 

i’m sure most of us have our own ways of breaking free from the stress we get from work. some people resign (done!), some cry (done!), some has done the more common thing which is to rant online (just scroll through my tweets HAHA), and some simply take a break, a minute or two, with their favorite food!
and speaking of taking breaks, did you know that you should also put some thinking into the way you spend your precious breaks? spend them wisely because according a study, taking a break actually increases productivity and creativity at work! 
want to know a break that does exactly that and more? grab a KitKat and i’ll tell you.
done? good! that’s all you need! 
spend your break times with a your favorite KitKat, and be amazed with the following kickass skills you’re taking home with you by joining the #KITKATBreakMovement:

(c) Yan Birog

Although this has never been a problem for me, literally facing a keyboard every day, it’s one thing to be able to do something flawlessly and accurately. And if you’re in a job that requires you to type daily, this skill will be your homie!

(c) Yan Birog
We’re talking visual aids. If you’re in business and marketing, you should know that the way you present your visual aids impacts a lot on your selling value. If you speak in front of an audience and put on your slides on air, they must help you explain your thoughts better, and add some visual spunk to your presentation. They weren’t called AIDS for no reason, otherwise you only got some visual there, and that’s not cool. 

(c) Yan Birog
i believe we’re all multitaskers, one way or another, and we all have breaking points. points where we couldn’t take any more roles than our hands could take. we all want to do a lot of things at the same time, i want to keep my day job, start an online business, blog often, and do freelance design work, but one body and 24 hours a day doesn’t seem enough! luckily, yer KitKat can handle that! go on and break some!

(c) Yan Birog

Ah! my favorite!  if i were to unlock only one skill out of the things i’ve mentioned, IT WOULD BE THIS. how cool would that be! it’s Power Memory all over again! just thinking about it makes me so excited! with a super memory i wouldn’t have to bring a grocery list anymore. no more recording an entire meeting at work whenever i’m tasked to do the MOM (minutes of the meeting). no more headaches trying to remember who owes me (i’m in the prepaid loading business!). and most of all, NO MORE STRESS! for me this is already tantamount to the very solution i needed to enjoy my job better. better memory = more productivity! i consider this not just a skill, but a super power!
How about you? if you were given a chance to unlock any of the skills mentioned above, what would it be and why?
Join the KITKAT Break Movement and be amazed at the powerful skills you’ll earn by taking a break with KitKat! i assure you it’s going to be the best break of your life!
If you’re still wondering how it could possibly bring out that awesomeness in you, let me supplement you with this article i found about chocolates and productivity. happy employees do a better job by 12%, specially if they have chocolates! You sure have read about happy hormones right? chocolates promotes serotonin and endorphins production, which lowers stress level and generally lifts our moods!
And there you go!
Have a break, Have KitKat!