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Dog Food (mixed rice) recipe from I Hear Your Voice


today i’m gonna be sharing a super duper simple recipe of my latest food addiction, conveniently named Dog Food, not because you can serve it to your dogs (i thought i had to clarify this haha), i’m not even sure if your dogs will like it, anyway, it was called that way because i don’t wanna argue with Park Soo Ha. hahaha

WARNING: do not feed to your dogs. this is not actual dog food. it could kill them. who knows. 

usually i post a picture of the finished dish first diba, but i won’t indulge cos i’m afraid you won’t make it to the end of the post. HAHAHA


this dish was taken from the korean drama I Hear Your Voice. Atty. Jang always prepares this for herself cos she’s always in a hurry, so you get the idea that this food is so freakin easy to prepare.

screen caps all taken from episode 13 of the series.

here you go!

2 cups of rice

1 canned tuna
2 tbsp of gochujang paste
2 tbsp of sesame oil

mix altogether! srsly, how easy could this get? hahaha

see that! not much of a procedure no, and that’s about it!
now for a localized version, the only difference is that we’re sitting out the sesame oil, cos our canned tunas are already brimming with oil. and personally we liked it better without it hehe
2 cups of rice, 1 can Century Tuna in vegetable oil, and 1 tbsp gochujang paste


if you’re curious about the paste which is a major major ingredient here, here’s what we have: Maeil Shin Gojuchang (Hot Red Pepper Paste). it’s available in most supermarkets nationwide. bought this over at SM Supermarket last year for 128 pesos, buy 1 take 1. hehe 

finally, since it serves two, share it with someone you love hihi. or just someone who can tolerate the mess. haha 

this has just officially become a bonding food for me and my sister.