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Month: June 2014

  • Tranformers: Age of Extinction [4DX Experience]

    click to watch official trailer i was so thrilled when i learned i won 2 tickets to an exclusive first day screening of Transformers: Age of Extinction, in 4DX! that’s right! 4DX! it’s the newest when it comes to movie experience! Basically it’s 3D glasses, motion chairs, and sensory effects like smoke, lightning flashes, gusts… Continue reading

  • Have a break and join the KitKat Break Movemement

    sadly, ever since i started working, this is how i always see myself: tired, stressed, full of worries, and exponentially getting fat. did you know that i’ve already gained 10 unhealthy kilos since i debuted in my supposed real world (aka IT industry), and as of writing, it’s getting worse! uhuh, check out my latest… Continue reading

  • Dog Food (mixed rice) recipe from I Hear Your Voice

    today i’m gonna be sharing a super duper simple recipe of my latest food addiction, conveniently named Dog Food, not because you can serve it to your dogs (i thought i had to clarify this haha), i’m not even sure if your dogs will like it, anyway, it was called that way because i don’t… Continue reading

  • mail check: get paid for answering online surveys! [UPDATED]

    i signed up at Global Test Market around february last year along with other sites offering paid online surveys (like survey savvy, survey head, and acop), and finally, after over a year, i was able to accumulate the minimum points required to request for a cashout amounting to $50. so i cashed out, only to make… Continue reading

  • oh dear… we go again

    so. i’m still in the office. on a friday. when i should be home welcoming my mom who just came back from canada. that and eating chocolates and dog food (pending hyperlink: will post about this real soooon haha). those and also catching up on pending blog entries… like this dog food i’m talking about,… Continue reading

  • A Big Dinner @ Ristorante Bigoli

    before watching The Fault in Our Stars, terai and i decided to have dinner at Ristorante Bigoli (Trinoma) which is conveniently located beside cinema 7 (where we’re gonna watch). the cinema tickets come with free bigoli coupons, so yehey for that! haha when Ristorante Bigoli opened at SM Fairview, we thought it was just yet… Continue reading