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amazing spider-man 2 + yoshinoya

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yesterday was super cool! went out to dinner with jeckie cos it was so freaking hot in the house plus we can’t focus on the tv cos there was so much gamu-gamo flocking the light sources haha ! anyway, on the way to the mall we decided to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 (arg that awkard dash!)! hehe when we bought our tickets we were given this coupon! yeyy!

you get a coupon for every purchase of 2 movie tickets at the cinema >:D


while waiting for the screen time, we had dinner at yoshinoya! haha my favorite restaurant forever! i was so happy they opened a branch at Fairvew Terraces! that makes my cravings more tolerable! hihi

the usual! 

i had regular chicken teriyaki + miso soup + 2 red ginger + green iced tea = 200 pesos! 😀
jeckie ordered a regular gyudon bowl to test how he would fare at this contest…

*drumroll please* GYUDON EATING CONTEST!!! woooh! jeckie was thrilled! so was my sister when i told her about it! hahaha

As per the flier, here are the details:

Yoshinoya 4th Gyudon Eating Contest
Eat-all-you-can in 5 minutes!
Every purchase of Gyudon Meal worth php199 entitles you to join the contest

1st place – php150,000
2nd place – php50,000
3rd place – php25,000

Grand finals – June 14, 2014
Weekly qualifying round – April 21-May 30, 2014

oraaayt, as some sort of practice, i clocked him as he downs a bowl of gyudon meal!

good job! >XD

aaaaaand the result: 1 min 35 secs for that 1 bowl!
so far the record holder listed in 3 bowls and 40 grams in 5 minutes! so we’ll see! hahaha go jeckie! hahaha!

on to the movie….
i wasn’t so surprised to find this haha

the movie was really amazing! mejo matagal but it was action-packed and intense at the same time naman! and the visul effects were perfect! i really loved peter parker’s character here, sobrang angas and funny. haha crush ko na rin si harry osborn (i was to type harry oscorp sarrehna hahaha) because of his eyes and his smile, the hair was a deal breaker though. haha

anyway, my favorite quote:

Aunt May: What happened to your face? It’s filthy!
Peter Parker: You know, I was cleaning the chimney.
Aunt May: We have no chimney.
Peter Parker: Whaaat?