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Month: May 2014

  • trying out Healthy Monsters salad in a jar

    you know how i’ve always been trying haaaaard to put healthy stuff in my stomach right? but still cannot put off eating junk haha… i’ve tried juice cleanse and it works, now my mom regularly makes vegetable juices for the family! ngayon naman i want to try eating salads on a regular basis (naaaks regular… Continue reading

  • so much win!

    super thank you Nuffnang Philippines for these awesome prizes!!!! 1) this afternoon i got an email saying i was one of the winners of  this blogger contest sponsored by Sky Cable! woohoo! i just won a month’s worth of subscription from Sky Cable… with ALL channels! oh yeah! >XD exciting, in fairness! it has been decades… Continue reading

  • 20 Ways You Can Be The Best friend ever with GoUnli20 This Summer

    Summer time means high time for good friends to go out, catch up and enjoy the season! And what better way to keep in touch with your beshies than subscribing to Globe’s GoUnli 20 promo! Be sure to always be up to date with your best friends by calling them every day! Whether it’s for… Continue reading

  • X-MEN: Days of Future Past

    In a nutshell, here’s what this installment is about (as per my google searches hehe): Wolverine travels back in time to change the past in order to save the future. Yung totoo, I’m no fan of X-Men, but of time travel? YES! HAHAHAThat’s one theme I saw in this movie that got me interested. I… Continue reading

  • amazing spider-man 2 + yoshinoya

    yesterday was super cool! went out to dinner with jeckie cos it was so freaking hot in the house plus we can’t focus on the tv cos there was so much gamu-gamo flocking the light sources haha ! anyway, on the way to the mall we decided to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 (arg that awkard… Continue reading

  • new lay

    // heyyy got a new lay yo! kaasar. haha as you can see, i changed my layout again… i guess i was bored with my old layout. i also believe i’ve used this header countless times already. haha anyway. // losing sense maybe it’s because i haven’t been reading a lot lately and i haven’t… Continue reading