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hello world!

this is it! we’re on my favorite module! web applications! oh yeaaah! err… not really. the reason i’m liking this module is because it lets me design! since day 1 all we’ve ever faced is the console and it’s so sickening having so limited design options. duh, cos it’s not even needed. T___T;

i see a little bit of hope. that’s if our super kind trainers decide to deliberate against kicking me out. argh. there’s still this huuuuuge chance of me getting kicked out of the bootcamp, after sucking so much on the core java finals exams yaknow. i’m just glad it’s over cos i never really got to appreciate the topic. sorry sir. you’re really smart and your knowledge is just becoming of a sun certified java programmer naks, but i can’t seem to drill the concepts in my head without much practice. 
after our core java finals, i was ready to exit (scandalously. chos). seriously. but i was also hoping they’d give us a chance at web apps, after all, it’s where we get to apply core java naman diba. kkk.
i’m not saying web apps is easier, but at the very least it’s familiar. oh thank you, smart. 
there’s so much to learn and i’m so excited! err… again, not really! i’m just excited at the design side yun lang talaga! hahaha
on the bright side, if ever i do get kicked out, i’m 90% eager on taking up short courses on select topics about multimedia arts (graphic design, web design, and illustration please!), and just… you know… enjoy the shift! haha saves me from having to explain to my next employer why i got truncated from the batch.
then i can just freelance diba? and finally become a full-time blogger major in ranting! wow, that kind of future actually excites me!