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Month: April 2014

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    happy labor day

    // finally sold my ipad air i really wanted to get rid of it asap cos i badly wanted to buy a sony xperia z1 compact already! HAHAHA so last week i was finally able to sell it out to some guy from tipidcp.com. it’s as good as sulit/ebay but i’ve come to realize that…

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  • hello again

    random musings over the past 2 holidays hehe  # i still want the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (oops, not the lenten season reflection you were expecting ba?) after all, i’m still in love with the phone. after getting a 4.7″ Lenovo S650 i thought i wouldn’t want the z1 compact anymore. i thought i’m just being…

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    why i quit the Master Cleanse hahaha

    if you’re curious, the Master Cleanse is a detox method using lemonade diet for 10 days. for the span of 10 full days, you are only to drink lemonade and water. no other food. wednesday this week, i was so eager to start the master cleanse diet b/c of the super long weekend, kasi that…

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    hello world!

    this is it! we’re on my favorite module! web applications! oh yeaaah! err… not really. the reason i’m liking this module is because it lets me design! since day 1 all we’ve ever faced is the console and it’s so sickening having so limited design options. duh, cos it’s not even needed. T___T; i see…

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