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last last month i joined this nuffnang blogger contest sponsored by globe where you answer the question:

“If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

this was my response: #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 – A gift of reading 🙂

the owner of the most creative blog entry will get an ipad air and a gift come true from GLOBE Project Wonderful! also, one lucky commenter will win an ipad 2 naman! bonggaaaa! sa sobrang dami ba namang nagcomment sa entry ko (mga lima HAHAHA), i know how tight the competition was. congrats to Jinky Sagum for winning with me! >XD

i didn’t really expect to win (naks haha), but i knew my entry had a fighting chance because it was a pitch for TSP! it’s already a great project, and i just had to write about it and let Globe know! hehe i didn’t even think my entry was ‘creative’ per se, but i believe it was something concrete enough for Globe to take part in. yes may mga ganong konsiderasyon talaga hehehe

nevertheless, i’m soooo blessed to have won this contest! honestly, i was only aiming for the next 15 best entries kasi mas peg ko ung globe tattoo stick, kelangan ko un eh haha. pero IPAD AIR pare, IPAD AAAAIR (at the back of my mind: shoot, magkano kaya to mabebenta?!) when i learned that they’ll be announcing the winners by 3pm today, inabangan ko talaga. HAHAHA as with any contest, shempre you feel hopeful! HAHAHA

while waiting i was busying myself with our cobol exercise, and a few minutes after 3pm, i checked my facebook and boom! SPEECHLESS MOMENT! as in, what, what, i won an ipad air! my classmates started flocking over me kasi sobrang naoverwhelm ako! hahaha

thank you soooo much Lord for this blessing, not only did i win an ipad air (that i am most probably going to convert to cash!) but i also kindof got Globe to sponsor TSP! asteeeeeg! i’m so excited to collaborate! ang dami dami kasi nilang pwedeng maitulong! they could fund the publishing of our first ever story book, or they could sponsor a TSP community, or they could give us free load. chos. haha

HAHA sa sobrang overwhelmed ko my hands are shaking from happiness habang nagta-type (OA much e no). pero naman kasi, this is my biggest win so far, sa dinami dami ng kung ano anong online contest na sinalihan ko. ngayon lang ako nanalo ng super grand prize, and it felt extra fulfilling pa that i didn’t win this for myself, but for the countless children who are waiting to be reached! naks, maabot na namin kayo. waits lang.

anywaaaaay, i was already too distracted to continue cobol-ing after learning the good news so i just hoped against hope that i find a way to run microfocus at home kasi waley na waley parin ako sa exercise namin!

nung nakauwi nako at nagopen ng laptop, i immediately opened vm ware and launched my virtual xp, earlier at class i learned something that could possibly allow microfocus mainframe express 2.5 to run on xp (because i keep on getting compatibility errors). sabi ko, Lord i want to stretch my blessings my today… MAKE THIS WORK PLEAAASE!!! after a few clicks:

YESSS!!! IT FINALLY OPENED!!!! I AM ONE ULTRA BLESSED CHILD TODAY, THANK YOU FATHERRR!!! at dahil nagopen na sya, clinose ko rin. masaya na ko na nalaman kong matutuloy ko sa bahay yung mga exercises. hahaha

notes: micro focus mainframe express 2.5 runs only on windows nt 4 or windows 95, to make it work with xp…. right click program, properties, select compatibility tab, check on compatibility mode and select the os where the program runs natively on! yeyy >XD

ang tanong, matatapos ko ba ang exercise? haha