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God with us!

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last friday was soooo amazing grabe, i just had to share. haha God is soooo good!

ganito kasi yon…

the day started out to be so stressful. it was our finals day at our cobol training and we were tasked to present 2 cases with their corresponding analyses and solutions. everything was provided naman in fairness, from the code to the documentation, even the solution… and the instructions were clear. but the amount of resources we had was just so overwhelming we didn’t know where to start hahaha. even before the presentation proper we were all super unsure of our understanding of the case (at least 2/3 of our group was? haha).

anyway, i was extremely nervous. joke. nung thursday i wasn’t so nervous honestly, i had this feeling na bahala na si Lord, and i was (sorry) kindof leaning towards my smarter groupmate (read: marck!) to fill in the possible lacks. i dunno, i believe i was blessed enough to be grouped with 2 of the best thinkers in class (naks! hi kamil and marck!) that i didn’t have to worry about anything other than my pride (haha!) tipong, ano kayang pwede kong maitulong sa mga to, magagaling na to eh. >XD

anyway, i was given the easiest part of the case, which i believe i understood fairly well naman with regards to the documentation, kaso when i started to read the code, i was like where the hell does this block of code explain this sentence in the docu?! where?! where?!

so i was lost. looool

after wasting so much time trying to understand the entirety of the problem, i almost gave up na. with the little knowledge i extracted from the docu, i started to create the powerpoint presentation na lang, at least may isang part akong alam kong iexplain. wag lang masyado magtanong ang mga panel haha.

anywaaaaay, we were so anxious to get the day done with, unfortunately we were the last group to present pa! grabe lang. 8 hours of tension kumusta naman yon?! during that time i was super duper nervous na. i thought, okay it’s doomsday! up to that point di parin ako confident sa sarili ko na madedefend ko ung mga ipagsasabi ko sa presentation.

when we entered the room i noticed na 2 of the 8 panels were my final interviewers and i was like waaaaaah, why Lord?! whyyyy! why must they witness a shameful moment of my life?! -____-; but then, we must carry on.

i don’t remember how many times i prayed to God to help us get through the day at least, but at the end of my part of the presentation (which is the first part!) i was surprised that no one asked questions! that way we were able to transition to the next part easily! that felt soooo relieving! when my other groupmate was presenting i was taking notes about what he said, para in case he asked for backup i would at least have reference but at the back of my mind i was like, i’m so sorry marck i’m not even sure how my pretentious note-taking will help you. huhu. when our presentation for case 1 ended, it’s time for QnA naman. for the most part eto ung pinaka-nakakastress kasi oh my gulay what if all of them asked hard questions!?

thankfully, only (sir) bong asked questions! grabe lang! whew! hahaha after nung case 1, i was mentally rejoicing already but of course we had to carry on pa until kamil finished with case 2. thank God it went on smoothly! as in wala naman masyadong nakaka-pahiyang questions and when we were done and they were giving feedback na, i was surprised at how positive their reactions were! tipong, really? did that remark came from the bottom of your hearts?! hahaha

i was so sure na magkakalat kami but it seemed like they actually appreciated our group! yehey! seriously, i could only take God’s power into account. i would never ever have thought we’ll reap in positive remarks from them. as in! sa loob loob ko talaga, grabe ka Lord! grabe ka! you are so amazing! not to be so hard on myself naman, i believe i did my best during the presentation. i mustered all my courage to be able to present my part clearly and in english pa hahaha! but still, it didn’t look good enough in my mind >XD

hanggang paguwi ko sobrang dumbfounded ako sa nangyari. only God can make this happen. i am so freaking sure of it. i was thinking, maybe because we were the last group to present, they were more considerate, baka nagmamadali na sila umuwi or something kaya di na masyado nagtanong, but it never felt that way. haha i will never forget how (sir) bong somehow remarked ‘save the best for the last’. best feeling ever. and thank you Lord, my presentation skills were noticed too! flattering much! >XD

it’s a great great feeling to know that at the very least our group left a good impression to the panel. i could only hope none of us gets truncated by thursday! >XS

nung umuwi ako, di parin ako makapaniwala. it felt like a miracle really. only God can turn a seemingly disastrous day into a victorious one. i mean, the fact that we were able to satisfy the panel is victory enough for me. it felt like taking a test knowing only 10% of the topic, and coming out with a perfect score.

i only have one thing i’m so sure of, only God can do that! ganito pala yung feeling na wala akong maipag-mamayabang kasi alam kong hindi ako yung magaling kundi si God? whew!

when i came home and finally did my devotion (na supposed to be ay first thing in the morning), lalo akong nagiyak (naiyak sa galak. ohaaa) sa title ng message: God with us

and my faith was reinforced that night, knowing that there is a God who hears our prayers and gives us victory!

have a gooooood day! >XD

UPDATE: 3/26/2014
PS: despite the seemingly good news, this doesn’t exempt me from the big possibility of getting truncated by, wait, TOMORROW! my cobol 1 exercises all suck just so you know. i’m just banking on the instructors’ consideration, and another miracle! yeah! haha