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Breakfast at Spiral

it’s been ages since philamlife held their annual national recognition program at Sofitel! congrats mommy! i lost count of the years she’s been a consistent awardee basta alam ko since grade 2 pa ko. hihi as usual, with the overnight accommodation comes the complimentary breakfast buffet (and the complimentary hoardables* as well) at Spiral! yahoo! and since terai and i are such pigs, we prepared so much for this! she worked out at the gym (it’s called So Fit, katuwa. so punny! hahaha), then we swam, tapos sauna, steam, jacuzzi, and everything… magpawis ba kahit konti para ma-offset (kahit pano!) yung kakainin namin kinabukasan. hahaha

i love sofitel because their rooms are kindof bigger than the metro manila shangs, and super duper ganda ng ambience and view from the rooms, overlooking the bay ba naman kasi. haha the interiors, exteriors, lahat peg ko. ganon naman yata talaga sa mga hotel no? i looooooove hotel furniture. hahaha

anyway, on with the food! would you believe i only had 3 plates? yes! usually on buffets like this i average 4-5 plates including dessert but yesterday was different probably because it’s breakfast and the food i’m looking for belonged to the lunch/dinner spread pa. haha

this was supposed to be my japanese plate, kaso hanap ako ng hanap ng maki at sushi wala akong makita kaya ayan. 
2nd plate! blueberry whipped cream pancake with nuts, yogurt with oatmeal, scrambled egg, tapa tocino and smoked salmon. lahat masarap pero hindi sila bagay sa isa’t isa. walang theme ang plato ko. basta mukang masarap, getching!
last plate! salaaaaad with an abundance of parmesan and an ozom vinaigrette dressing! fruits na bawas na, i already ate the dragon fruit when i realized i haven’t taken a picture yet. lolz. underneath that cracker is an assortment of cheese! hehe
ayan. kering keri ang breakfast. i had two cups of coffee that morning. during that time they were attending to sooo freaking many customers (i could tell!) because we were put in a function room (awaaaay from the buffet!) with large 10-seater round tables instead of the lounge with the pretty view (aw). i didn’t like the idea of sharing the table though kasi nga terai and i eat a lot, nakakahiya naman sa mga senyorang kasabay namin. buti na lang we shared the table with tita luchie, mommy’s friend, who didn’t mind at all! hahaha 
i also noticed how they lacked so much man power that morning. ang dami kong naririnig na reklamo sa paligid. hehe and it took me 5 follow ups for my 2nd cup of coffee to arrive. i had a few learnings here: 
1) wherever you go, be humble, and always understand the situation. always be polite and don’t be too demanding! the amount you paid for doesn’t include a right to be rude. //end rant
2) health is wealth. sabi nila, ang kalusugan ay kayamanan. but lately, it seemed more like ang kalusugan ay pang mayaman. ang mahal kaya ang healthy foods!
* speaking of complimentary hoardables – eto yung mga take-homes from the hotel room na ang lakas maka-sosyal! HAHAHAHA lanvin shampoo,body gel, and soap! tootbrush set, suklay, laundry bag, stationery, sewing kit, etc, etc, etc,. aminin inuuwi nyo rin yan. >;P
osya osya, pic spam below! 

and lastly, the obligatory cr selfie! hahaha

happy sunday!