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Month: March 2014

  • Watch Be Careful with my Heart #TheWayYouWantIt!

    Being a working girl, it’s always hard to keep up with my favorite TV shows. In my case, isa lang naman, and that’s Be Careful with my Heart! <3 Now that BCWMH has entered its next season, with Maya and Sir Chief happily married and having a baby soon, it’s hard to miss out on…

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    of java and a looming sense of failure

    dear friends, please bear with me as i (yet again) wallow in self pity and inquire on the purpose of my life, and the reason i’m pursuing this path. lol. i just realized something, YOU CAN’T LEARN EVERYTHING. there are just some things that fill your head to the point of over saturation that you…

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    God with us!

    last friday was soooo amazing grabe, i just had to share. haha God is soooo good! ganito kasi yon… the day started out to be so stressful. it was our finals day at our cobol training and we were tasked to present 2 cases with their corresponding analyses and solutions. everything was provided naman in…

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    Hillsong United Live in Manila 2014

    something to look forward to this year! famous worship group Hillsong United will be holding another concert here in manila this June 13! who cares if it’s friday the 13th? haha >XD anyway, as of writing tickets aren’t up for online purchase at ticketnet and beccamusic yet but i’m sure it’ll be up in a…

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  • a dream in bullets

    – mela dancing like crazy doing her 18th birthday video– tall blonde guy in pink pants chasing me (us?)– ate a muffin, saw that it has strands of hair, complained to the owner but he just shrugged– owner happened to be sweeney todd. urhgk

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  • Breakfast at Spiral

    it’s been ages since philamlife held their annual national recognition program at Sofitel! congrats mommy! i lost count of the years she’s been a consistent awardee basta alam ko since grade 2 pa ko. hihi as usual, with the overnight accommodation comes the complimentary breakfast buffet (and the complimentary hoardables* as well) at Spiral! yahoo!…

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