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first ever collab with jeckie! >XD

it’s funny how we’ve never done something like this in the 2+ years we’ve been together, being self-proclaimed artists and all! hahaha but here it is! in an effort to divert ourselves from inglorious activities, we decided to do a titus pen collab on a 6×9 pad. we divided the page into two and drew away! the lower half is mine while the one with scary monsters is his. it’s pretty fun doing this cos i’m left handed and he’s right handed so you know, it’s easier to share space cos our hands don’t bump into each other. hehe
here’s a work in progress for your appreciation HAHA 

and the finished product…
added textures in photoshop for uhm, wala, drama lang. hehe

yey! looking forward to more of these collabs!
special mention, as usual to Titus Pens HAHAHA it’s really an awesome awesome tool to draw with. hehe