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Month: February 2014

  • project: super labandera

    so what’s keeping me busy… 2 things lang naman, training and super labandera! // training well it’s work related so i’m particularly busy at least 8 hours of the day. when i get home i just want to sleep. i want to make it a point not to study at home because I DON’T WANT…

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  • news flash

    // RIP joseph wiyden suico one of our college schoolmates/orgmate died yesterday due to (and i’m not entirely sure of this info, i just got it from a friend who got it somewhere…) multiple stabs! shocking news grabe. suico was never really a close friend, but he was an orgmate (well, all IT/CS students are…

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  • marry him if you dare: thoughts and spoilers

    you have been warned! this entry possibly contains spoilers so unless you’ve watched it completely, uhm, don’t read? hehe actually, you can read naman if you’re interested in my time travel whatnots hehe after watching marry him if you dare, i thought closely about the concept of time traveling in parallel universes and how it…

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  • now watching: Marry Him If You Dare!

    park se-joo, na mi-rae, kim shin, seo yoo-kyung while rewatching princess hours, i’m also watching this super kilig to the bones korean drama Marry Him If You Dare. i know right? i’m on quite a yoon eun-hye overload right now. hehe she looks so different here! a bit older yes, and her super light brown…

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  • first ever collab with jeckie! >XD

    it’s funny how we’ve never done something like this in the 2+ years we’ve been together, being self-proclaimed artists and all! hahaha but here it is! in an effort to divert ourselves from inglorious activities, we decided to do a titus pen collab on a 6×9 pad. we divided the page into two and drew…

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    my Graphika Manila 2014 experience!

    it was so amazing!  it’s my first time to attend a GM conference so i can’t compare with the previous ones! if i’m only going to rate the speakers, i’d give the graphika team a 9/10 for bringing in the best creative inspirations from all over the globe! the missing 1 goes to, hm, not…

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