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#GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 – A gift of reading 🙂

If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

Every second of volunteering, every peso, every drop of perspiration counts.
But no matter how much we give, there is always this feeling that it does not seem enough.
There is a dream to give something bigger and to make a difference.

last year i was blessed with an opportunity to volunteer as a layout artist in this non-government organization called The Storytelling Project.

at first my intention was just so i could lend my creative skills in layouting and illustrating, but learning more about the project and getting to know better the people behind it, i came to realize how passionate this group really is in envisioning a community of Filipino children who not only knows how to read, but LOVES to read.

it’s quite a common act of charity to donate storybooks and build libraries. but after shelving the books, painting the walls, and cutting the ribbon, what’s next? most of the time the charity ends there. but TSP’s vision extends to a point where children are reached and taught storytelling and reading, by immersing into their communities and engaging them in a 3-phase program: IMAGINE. CREATE SHARE

IMAGINE – Build the kids’ imagination through the 21 Day Storytelling Program and empower the community through the trainings and seminars 

CREATE – Create avenues for exploring their newfound love for reading through the TSP Library Project

SHARE – Share knowledge and experiences with the community through the TSP Book Club activities.

one of TSP’s goals is to produce storybooks! as an illustrator, i’ve gathered a few inspirations! >XD

if #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 were to really sponsor a gift i’d like to impart to the Philippines, it would be to support this organization i’m in, and in effect be part of this social movement where we present Filipino children with a gift of reading by providing storybooks, building libraries, and immersing into their communities and teaching them how to love storytelling and reading.

to know more about this organization i’m in, please visit The Storytelling Project facebook page and read on the info section, it contains everything you need to know about this movement. 🙂

what about you? if there’s one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift? 
share your answers by commenting on this entry! who knows if i win, you may get your wish granted, or you may just win an ipad mini 2! bongga! >XD in case i win though, since i’m no apple fan, i’ll most probably sell it and give the proceeds to help fund future TSP’s activities.