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Month: November 2013

  • 3-day juice detox (with Sly Diet)

    naks jumu-juice diet. 🙂 the reason why i wanted to try this out is because i’ve been hearing good reviews about the effects of detoxifying/cleansing via juice diet. and you know, a lot of celebrities are vouching on this healthy habit too and knowing their vanity, it has to be effective. nakiki-uso lang talaga ko.… Continue reading

  • God has better plans for me

    i’m finding it hard to accept that i just lost a job offer at a company i’ve wanted to work for for so long. i’ve been waiting for this opportunity since ever. now i don’t know where to go, how to continue working. i’ve lost my programming mojo long ago and it’s gonna be tough… Continue reading

  • welcome to go brainy!

    don’t get your hopes up! it’s just an anagram. 😛 i’m in the process of moving YET AGAIN. yeah. just watch out. haha Continue reading

  • Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

    I must agree that no matter how good a device is, without a powerful internet connection, you cannot fully enjoy it. And with the growing amount of stuff we do on the internet, the demand for more speed and less network traffic has become a priority for those who take abode online. If you’re an… Continue reading

  • on second thought

    money isn’t everything nga naman ano. when i started working, i always look forward to payday and the ice cream (or pizza) i’ll take home for the family. when things are becoming stressful at work, i always look towards the coming 10th or 25th, whichever comes first, and imagine a full body massage i could… Continue reading