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Month: October 2013

  • Blogopolis 2013: Into the Wild!

    hey fellow bloggers and net freaks! something awesome is happening on november 16 (aside from my birthday of course! *yes kelangan naka-bold*) and you shouldn’t dare miss it! this year, nuffnang brings an entirely new and equally exciting theme for their 2nd Blogopolis… see title above haha! truly, the internet has grown so much from… Continue reading

  • some xlife crisis (wanted: career advice?)

    x being some prefix i don’t recall. something very common to 20 somethings who are overly confused with what they want to do with their lives. hahaha midlife ba yun or quarterlife ewan. anyway, i think it’s not bad for me to explore. i mean, i’m almost 23 but i still don’t have a definite… Continue reading

  • depressing!

    if you look closely at what i do, you’d probably think i’m being overpaid for the level of work i’m delivering. heck you’d probably think i’m bored to the core and is looking for more challenging tasks. SO EFFING WRONG. i’m not looking for a challenge, right now i just want to finish what i’m… Continue reading

  • Million People March @ Ayala

    rant ahead. i understand the cause and i understand the honest sentiments of the people behind this yet another million people march. i agree that the pork barrel issue must remain on top of the headlines for as long as those bastarded senators, congressmen, etc. are punished accordingly. i believe that as tax paying citizens… Continue reading

  • giving up on mortal instruments (for a while) and re-reading dan brown!

    dan brown is now officially one of my favorite authors! on par with paulo coelho, and above sidney sheldon and judith mcnaught. brown has this level of technicality na ang sarap basahin. yung minsan nakakabobo pero compelling parin. haha! or maybe because it’s the book itself, Digital Fortress, that i’m reading right now. you know,… Continue reading