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34th Manila International Book Fair!

late post! came to the last day of the 34th MIBF with dan and edlaine! super bad weather buti na lang we were still able to enjoy it!
ang saya saya lang! wala lang, i really came to buy a bible and i’m happy with my purchase! secondary na lang yung makabili ng other books though i was nagaalangan pa kasi i hardly read books na. whenever i think of hoarding a lot of novels, i always think na errr may ebook naman eh! libre pa! haha
moa arena view from the parking lot (wala lang! haha)
anyway, national bookstore and fully booked offered most of their novels for 20% off! that’s kinda big for really good titles but it’s still bordering on the mahal side, so nevermind na lang ako. 

so i bought a bible, came in line for freebies (shempre! di pinapalampas yon! haha), took plenty of cosplay pictures, and hoarded books at the CSM booth! 
all from CSM (except for the clutch bible)
great titles huh? by the way, i’m selling these! just head over to my ebay page at http://myworld.ebay.ph/melodia04 and see my items for sale! 

with Misa of Death Note

there was a cosplay event at the upper part of SMX so we all took the chance to take home lots of pics with uhm, cool cosplayers. anyway HAHA i was never a fan of cosplay kahit na mahilig ako sa anime noon cos most of them look pilit. you know naman how judgmental i am. shempre in order to get our attention you have to be artistahin to really carry a character. it’s not just about costume. yung iba nakakatawa na lang eh. hehe

spotted! ramon bautista and jun sabayton 
on the way out we spotted sir RB and jun sabayton! sobrang kulit! they already stopped accepting papictures kasi siguro pauwi na sila and mukang RB was with his girlie pa yata. kaya yun, group picture na lang. haha 
super duper enjoy day! dinner at ate fe’s kitchen and desert at iscreamist after! 
2 sisig, lechong kawali, corn soup and chopseuy! busog sulit!

 first time at iscreamist! ang mahal pala don HAHA

orayt! the end! thank you Lord!