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Month: August 2013

  • complications

    //complications yesterday, the doctor confirmed that the nosy headaches i’m experiencing since i had chickenpox was due to a complication of the virus itself. she said that some of the virus has taken refuge in my nerves, causing my head to hurt. so far, it’s on and off so i’m taking pain relievers as needed.…

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  • err

    // maring, habagat and my chicken pox i consider myself lucky that my sick leave was kind of extended due to the bad weather. that means i get to rest more and recover fully from chicken pox without wasting my leave credits, yehey! apparently i’m getting daily severe headaches since the onset of my fever…

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  • pet peeves and double standards

    1. selfies this is really mean but there are just a ton of selfies i don’t appreciate, specially those with malicious clothing. and another thing, a solo picture is not a selfie unless you took it yourself. arg it also irritates me seeing people post a #selfie with 2 people in it. #gawd 2. quotes…

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  • down with chicken pox

    i am so bored. i’ve finished watching Reply 1997 (janine will be so proud of me LOL), rewatched Kaichou wa Maid Sama (usui takumi never fails to get me flipped every frakking time), and is currently on the 9th episode of My Flower Boy Neighbor (i was curious, it was hilarious at first but… we’ll…

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    finding your FLOW

    i found something really interesting and refreshing in my mail today. it’s from Bo Sanchez’ newsletter and it’s a short article about finding your FLOW. In my understanding, to be in the flow is to be caught up doing something you enjoy so much that you lose track of time. in short it’s about being…

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  • come on, money!

    there’s something bothering me about my life right now. yun o. naks. haha. a lot of my time is lost commuting to work and back home! if i were to sum them up, that’s approximately 4-5 hours spent collectively outside. mind you, that’s a lot of time! i could’ve used that to exercise or sleep…

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