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Month: July 2013

  • Man of Steel from Schick and Wacoal

    super duper late post! anyway, i just want to thank, yet again Nuffnang Philippines for my nth free movie! they held 2 contests for man of steel, one from Wacoal and the other one from Schick! i’m blessed to have won in both screenings, resulting to me watching it twice in a week, both with… Continue reading

  • Manila Bulletin Sketchfest 2013

    happened July 15, 2013 @ Ayala Triangle, Makati i was so excited when i first heard of it! but when i came there with chii and jeckie, nalula ako. cartolina pala ang canvas. that’s just so big. and there weren’t enough seats/tables for everyone so most of the contestants just sat on the ground and… Continue reading

  • Titus Pens iDoodle Contest 2013

    happened July 1, 2013 at SM Marikina Cyberzone i’ve been meaning to blog about this awesome event but i never had the time haha. at least ngayon meron na! thanks to SONA, i had to take the day off because of the terrible traffic. thankfully, it’s a good time to finally catch up with my… Continue reading

  • just started with Mary Kay!

    hello! this is the first time i felt excited to wear make-up! seryoso! ang kulet nga eh, i’m not saying i’m a late bloomer. pero sige pwede na rin. lol matagal na kong fan ng Mary Kay mainly because of the quality. my mom was the one who indirectly introduced it to me, after which… Continue reading

  • awesome daaay

    woke up 1pm after an undisturbed 10 hour sleep! i missed getting full sleeps. grabe. after a couple of days rendering crazy OTs, i knew i had to recharge my body so much! i’m imagining a full body massage, a facial and a good swim but argh. imagination ko lang yun. OT daysso we have… Continue reading

  • FEU Diliman Batch 2012 Yearbook Layout

    FEU Diliman Batch 2012 Yearbook late post! my first and proudest published work yet! published in a sense that it was printed, distributed and sold. hehe anyway, in fear that i may be violating any creative commons rights here, if in case you find any of your work/s visible in this project, please note that… Continue reading