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Month: May 2013

  • Transform yourself with Schick

    If you had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would you use it? looking up on google, we have:flight, invulnerability, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, super vision, super-hearing, super breath (including freeze breath), eidetic (whut?) memory, longevity, super olfaction (whut??), enhanced lung capacity, telekinesis, etc. (thanks wiki!) but in the movie,…

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  • Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

    i believe it pays a lot to have a variety of bras that you can wear with any kind of outfit. strapless for tubes, halters for wide necked top, conventional straps for the regular tee, etc. we women like to experiment a lot on clothes and it adds to the wow factor if we’re wearing…

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    NuffnangPH & Kettle Korn's Fast & Furious 6 blocked screening!

    my 4th free movie treat from nuffnang! anyway, i didn’t expect a full house on this one specially that i thought it’s exclusive for nuffnang winners only, but it turns out that Kettle Korn also had their own facebook promo and the winners were invited to the same block. it was sooo jam packed but…

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  • dream summer trip #1

    my family isn’t the adventurous type. di talaga namin peg mag-outing outing siguro dahil na rin sa my parents are both too busy on their work and they can’t afford to be away from the metro for long. me and my sister are too maarte and kuripot na we’d rather go to the mall and…

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    design day!

    powerpoint presentation template oh i loooove this day. mainly because uhm, napasarap ako sa pag-design ng powerpoint presentation. looki looki! i’m kinda proud of this! one of the rare times i’m asked to do something creative (visually) at work. took a lot of time on my part, isingit lang daw sa trabaho pero seriously di…

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  • TBB summer party!

    with Trobang BB (aka college friends!) May 18, 2013 @ Private Pool sa may Luzon, QC (www.privatepool.net) this is so far my favorite summer outing of the year! well, mainly because i haven’t really gotten around the beaches hehe since the sun hit it up high. good thing i found out about this private swimming…

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