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Month: April 2013

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    ADVENTURE TIME: Iron Man 3 @ Newport Cinema, Resorts World

    i was so excited when nuffnang announced a contest to win 2 tickets for a special screening of Iron man 3 this friday at Newport Cinema, Resorts World! nakakatawa pa cos i was in the middle of debugging some shiz at work when i received the email. stressed na ko non kasi mega delayed na…

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  • Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

    i’ve been a loyal postpaid subscriber of Sun Cellular for more than a year now, and i might say that their services have been particularly helpful in ensuring that me and my loved one (read: jeckie! <3) are always connected. and because being with Sun Cellular has saved me a looot of money through their…

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  • panaginip!

    in fairness naka-alala ako ng panaginip! kanina lang to eh, i dreamt about someone i know (sa office yata). sa panaginip ko, kasama ko sya somewhere, shopping ata not sure then while walking he kissed me on my left cheek! hindi ko tinanong kung bakit pero gusto kong tanungin na, “pre, yung totoo, may gusto…

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  • when all fingers point to one

    the boston marathon explosion.i bet they’re going to put all the blame on the arabs again. >:(warning: conspiracy theory ahead so i just heard of this conspiracy, thanks to my boss, about the US’s economy centering majorly and secretly on manufacturing weapons. tough business right? seems like something only a tony stark can handle. and…

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  • oh dearie

    i still feel bad about it but i figured i’m the only one with the problem here. i just keep putting the blame on someone else who doesn’t even know how bad she turns me. when we started i thought we could be really good friends, but it came to a point where i can’t…

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  • bat ka nagpapastress diyan? 😛

    a pretty casual question but coming from someone i admire so much i guess it kinda rattled me. oo nga naman, bakit ako nagpapastress dito (work)? why can’t i work happily?  you see, i have an unfinished task that was due yesterday but i wasn’t able to finish it because i couldn’t get some bastarded…

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