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Month: March 2013

  • the cheater that i am

    [CGN Diet] – Week 1 Day 4 i’m out of stocks! no more pineapple juice, lettuce, soya milk, chicken hahaha so i believe i kinda ate less today. every supermarket we saw on the way was closed… i just had to note this though,  North EDSA looked so dark when SM is closed. hahaha >XD… Continue reading

  • i still weigh the same

    [CGN Diet] Week 1 – Day 3 maybe it’s too early to expect anything from this program… i’m only on day 3 and my food for this day was blessed with so much salt… i like salty. i dunno if it’s good to shower my food with too much salt hahaha but it helps me… Continue reading

  • feeling healthy. still heavy

    [CGN Diet] Week 1 – Day 2 i dunno, but i feel like i’m cheating so much with this diet! haha i do believe that dieting is not about starving yourself but eating just the right foods for your body. but well, i think i’m eating the right foods naman… just the wrong amount… i… Continue reading

  • [CGN Diet] Week 1 – Day 1

    i knew the program was supposed to be started on a Monday but i was too anxious to start! e kasi naman kakasweldo lang kahapon so shempre gabi na ko nag-grocery. my first impressions of the program were: too expensive and too time consuming. that was before i started preparing and blah. for some reason,… Continue reading

  • So Undercover: a special screening for Nuffnangers

    My second free movie treat from Nuffnang! Thanks a lot to Adidas Neo too! was able to bring my boyfriend this time hehe the movie was funny to some extent but there were a couple of points i felt the jokes were too awkward and trying hard. haha not a miley cyrus fan but the… Continue reading

  • Chrono-geno-nutrition diet blah

    in a desperate attempt to lose weight, i kinda bit into this deal i saw at hahaha i’m planning on starting this monday but i realized i’m too broke to afford the meal plans they recommended for my “chrono-geno type”. i don’t even know if i can afford the entire thing. and i found… Continue reading