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Start the year right with! 2013 Must-haves!

It’s gonna be a good year ahead of us if we have the right items to prep us for the coming months! Here i’m gonna list ten items i want to get my hands on but can’t yet due to financial constraints hahaha so let this be a pending to-buy list and also a wishlist for those generous-hearted people out there haha >XD 
And of course, what’s a better place to lurk around for value items while sitting down at the comfort of your homes? You bet, let’s head over to Sulit then and start this online window shopping bonanza! >XD You may also want to follow Sulit on the following abodes:  facebook and twitter! Happy shopping!

A cool mug for our daily dose of coffee to aid us in the cold months ahead.
For those ultra cold mornings we have to endure for every payslip, here’s an equally functional and fashionable item all women must have.
Every celebration is worth a thousand shots. Here’s to the new year, the coming valentines and the summer that awaits all of us!
oh let’s be techno savvy. i’ve been eyeing this candy for quite a few months now. heart melting specs, this has got to be mine!
What better shoes to start a fit lifestyle with than Nike? oh yeah. ready, set, where’s my money again?
I aaaalways eat in front of the laptop and was once plagued by having an army of ants camped inside my hard disk. Lesson learned, i need this.

Yes, i’m trying to be fit here without going to the gym. i want my own punching bag hahaha >XD
Even if i’m an office girl, i still prefer backpacks over totes when i go to work. haha >XD and kipling is just my choice! >XD
I want to play the piano again. It’s been years. haaay
and thaaat of course is for my new laptop to-be hehe
How about you? What are your 10 new year’s must haves? Wander around Sulit and share them here by commenting with your Full name, fb profile or twitter ID, followed by the 10 items you’d love to have and their links… just like the example below: