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Month: January 2013

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    featuring a dynamic header using javascript (amaloser i know, sorry)! >XD i actually prefer an image slider it’s just that i can’t find the right FREE source. and tips? like a nivo slider that links to a picasa web album perhaps? resource loading is a fuss. this site is so not optimized. but i’m happy…

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  • haaay

    okay this sucks. my performance is a flop. clearly, i can’t think well enough in this ground. maybe it’s time to look for something that doesn’t require full utilization of the left hemisphere of my brain. cos you see, i’m all maxed out and still unproductive. i am so not for this. forget about my…

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    Start the year right with Sulit.com.ph! 2013 Must-haves!

    It’s gonna be a good year ahead of us if we have the right items to prep us for the coming months! Here i’m gonna list ten items i want to get my hands on but can’t yet due to financial constraints hahaha so let this be a pending to-buy list and also a wishlist…

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  • i have a dream

    and that dream is to have at least 1 million in investments! i want to buy a car and at least 200 square meters of land where my house will be. i want all thaaaaat, but as a young professional, even if i worked an entire 24 hours a day, i wouldn’t even lay close…

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  • oh look what i found!

    my personal johari window! http://kevan.org/johari?name=ariannegrace and please, your input is very much appreciated! just click on that link and pick 6 words that you think describe me best… someone needs some ego bolstering in here HAHA so according to the thing, 59% of respondents (that’s 13 or 22) think i’m friendly! thank you very much, i…

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