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SM Cinema e-Plus offers FREE MOVIE DAY on December 8, 2012

Free Movie Day voucher

By liking their facebook page and accessing their Free Movie Day app, facebook users may avail of free cinema tickets for 2 for the following movies, at their selected SM Cinema branch:

movie line up!

Movie Line-up:
Anac ti Pating
Ang mga Aswang
Asin: Wala kang Kawala sa Sumpa
Duwaya: Polygamy
Genghis Khan
House at the End of the Street
Huling Biyahe
Limang Dipang Tao
Mga Kidnapper ni Ronnie Lazaro
Step Up Revolution

I was lucky enough to have heard of the promo quite early so i was still able to get slots for Step Up Revolution and Stolen! but it didn’t come easy you know, their app was frequently down due to heavy traffic but nonetheless it was fixed so… yeheyy!

free tickets yehey!

and well, you couldn’t imagine the hassle of trying to get those tix. We had to endure this painstakingly long line of claimers at SM North EDSA yesterday.

the frakking long line
It was partly my fault for claiming at the last days of redemption, but well, i have work and i’ll be hailing from makati pa, and time is gold for these people so i was already expecting this. haha but then, i’m still lucky cos i was able to avail 2 movies! 3 if you count the voucher above… in fact, i only realized that i have another voucher just now when i uploaded the picture and noticed a different movie title in it. haha see, i was looking for ways to get extra vouchers with the same name kasi cos their app kinda disallows that kind of thing so i used daddy’s account and just changed the names. blah.

then you know, SM’s lack of system during the redemption period is so annoying. just look at the line. they should’ve added more people at the booth (apparently there only 3 people manning during the peak hours), or made the registration computerized and the customer code barcoded. apparently, they spend around 5 minutes for an entire transaction which includes: verifiying if the ID matches the name on the voucher, writing down details ON PAPER including that alphanumeric customer code with 11 characters, having the customer sign their redemption sheet, and selecting and stamping the right tickets before finally calling on to the next person in line.

that paperful transaction could be so error prone that i noticed how easy it is to get tickets without using the app. i just have to copy the freaking voucher (which is abundant in google images now if you’ll just search), put my name and invent my own customer code. they couldn’t validate it on the spot anyway, right when they just wrote everything down on paper. and by the time they realized they lacked so much in this department, the cinema is already full of standing people (ETA: which thankfully didn’t happen).

nevertheless, thank you Lord for this opportunity! back to back movie date with terai tomorrow! yahoooo! >XD