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Health is wealth, but did i ever really care?

I’m nearing my 6 month as an employee of a relatively stressful company, and in that span of time, I’ve watched how my health decline exponentially, and it’s pretty alarming. This quarter is probably the most sickly I’ve gotten in my entire lifetime, seriously. I’m medicating almost every week. Fevers and allergy kicks are common to me now every weekend. And even though I’m taking Vitamin C every day, I don’t seem to be getting the full blast I need to work my mind and body in sync.

Then I realized, I may not be taking care of my self very well as I ought to. A lifestyle check would confirm that no amount of Vitamin C would cover the amount of abuse my body gets daily…

1. No proper sleep – on OT nights, I get off work at around 10pm and arrive at home at 12mn. Then the next day, because I had to really stretch my timeline, I can’t afford to offset a few hours to catch up on sleep. At this rate, I get only around 5 hours of sleep before I jump off my bed and head on to another 2-hour journey to makati.

2. Wrong food intake – you’re in the office sitting for the most part, then you get hungry. what are you to eat? you’re in a district where the most accessible types of food is junk you see at the corner. of course you eat that, junk food tastes as good… as good as much as it kills.

3. Stress – beating a deadline could only feel good when you have things planned out perfectly. but here i am, cramming my way through everything, feeling the stress pump up as the seconds go by. every time i feel stressed i feel sick and depressed and like crap.

Well I can probably adjust my lifestyle, after all it’s what brought me to this state of unhealthy living. I’m not saying i’ll quit my job or something, I’ll just probably work on avoiding junk foods, try to get enough sleep, plan things properly and take multivitamins.

Oh and you know what, I’ve only considered taking multivitamins now, as I’ve found out that it’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure that I’m properly nourished with the essential vitamins and nutrients my body needs. From an article, I learned that it combats daily stress, provides needed energy, prevents vitamin deficiency, provides mental clarity, and prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer… that among others. I’m scouting on a few brands, looking closely on the completeness of the vitamin components and also the price.

While looking around I came across SmartyPants Vitamins, a rather odd sounding brand for a multivit. But what’s interesting about it, aside from the addition of omega3 fish oil and vitamin D in its pack of multivitamins, is that it’s in GUMMY CANDY FORM. It may sound like a thing for children but no, there are also gummy adult vitamins from SmartyPants that we’ll come to enjoy as much as the kid’s version.

Anyway, enough off the odd finds. So there, I’ll probably take multivits from now on, and see where it takes me with my work problems. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂