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Month: October 2012

  • the Lord will give me rest

    ang galing! God answered my prayers! REST! i will be sleeping for 8 hours today, oh joyyyy! >X3 taking King Asa’s reign at Judah as an example, he purged his kingdom with everything pagan and offensive to the Lord. he destroyed foreign worship objects and commanded his people to seek God. and look what God… Continue reading

  • nothing just happens

    i slept really late last night because of the yearbook. my day started with a headache. i arrived late for work. and now, a very stressful job faces me like a monster, dark eyes gleaming, saying "you can't do this! you won't finish on time! you don't have what it takes for this task!" my… Continue reading

  • hey this is kindof flattering

    solenn retweeted my ad of one of her events! this kinds of works for me, this means more people are gonna see my ad on her page. and the more people open that link… well you know what that means! haha i’m grateful and flattered at the same time! mababaw lang naman to no but… Continue reading

  • talking to your enemies

    figures to ponder: Abijah’s army – 400,00 able men Jeroboam’s army – 800,000 able men and who won? Abijah’s troops won, slaying 500,000 men from Jeroboam’s army. The power of the Lord, oyeah. that’s 400 vs 800. who would’ve thought they could kill 100,000 more than their number. grabe. actually, di ko talaga maimagine yang… Continue reading

  • argh

    this week was every bit stressful. usually when i’m stressed, i lose my appetite but lately… i’ve been eating like hell and have gained 5 kilos already since the day i started working at smart. hay. not good. and because i was feeling depressed the entire week, i stuffed myself with cadbury EVERY DAY for… Continue reading

  • epic movie suggestion

    king david’s reign could well be an epic movie. see, he fought so many wars and was victorious. he led thousands of men to battle and with God’s favor became undefeated! it sounds pretty cool to imagine it as a movie yaknow, ala 300. or Troy. or something else. HAHA astig kaya. pogi pa siguro… Continue reading