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Month: September 2012

  • how long has it been

    i’ve been sick for the most part of this week, which caused me to be away from work for 2.5 days hayy sweldo. not a good sign for a probi struggling to make progress with her tasks on hand. haaay java. when will i ever understand you. such a bogart. thank God i’m feeling much… Continue reading

  • Puerto del Sol Beach Resort & Hotel RAFFLE SCAM

    If you’re curious you can read on, but basically the title has everything you need to know. 🙂 last sunday when my boyfriend and i came to Manila Ocean Park we were asked by one of the exhibitors there to fill out a raffle entry for free. the prize? free hotel and beach resort accommodation… Continue reading

  • still not sleepy but should sleep anyway

    // i just finished 4 pages for the yearbook LOOOOOL more to go but that’s okay! i just have one worry though, i designed everything in RGB and it would be disastrous to change everything to CMYK. it just came to me cos i remember on our site visit at Covers and Pages, their giant… Continue reading

  • coming soon: Lenovo S880 – 5 inch dual-sim Android 4.0 ICS

    meet Lenovo S880, with specs similar to their flagship P700 only bigger (5 inches) and with smaller battery capacity (2250 mAH). For 14,999 will this be worth the wait? i’m saving for the the P700 then i saw this and idunno what to do!!! it’s white! it’s bigger! almost like my dream Samsung Galaxy S2… Continue reading

  • Merry Christmas!

    wishlist alerttt! in no particular order 1. wacom bamboo connect pen tablet (medium will do! haha) 2. white musk from the body shop (regular price – php895) 3. lenovo p700 (srp php10,900) 4. and if you’re kind enough you could also throw in a Nillkin hard case (RED!) >;) not available in the Philippines though will… Continue reading

  • back to back awesome movies!

    this is it, yearbook and work to juggle at the same time… somebody help meeee stay interested (and awake too)! haha i miss blogging! i really do… there are so many things i wanted to blog about but i hardly have the time to do so! so many pictures in my phone waiting to be… Continue reading