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Month: August 2012

  • black as the pit from pole to pole

    whatever. random line from some poem i read some time ago. lol i have a very big problem staying awake at the office during the morning. but i have an even bigger problem keeping my consciousness during meetings. someone tell me what to do! i’m wasting hours on my desk drooling off and not being… Continue reading

  • Get a chance to win a brand new LENOVO P700

    Get a chance to get hold of this amazing gadget by entering Lenovo Mobile Philippine’s raffle contest! Click here to find out how! Continue reading

  • so hiiiiiiighhh dunno whyyyyy

    hello long weekend! whoa this week was soooooooo exhausting even though i only came to work 3 times! // tuesday – got a rush buyer for my moto defy mini. a foreign buyer wants to get the item asap and meet at greenbelt which is 2 hours away from where i was! hahaha i knew… Continue reading

  • SCAM?

    YES. and that’s all you need to know (but i’ll still expound like i can’t help myself haha). beware! in the end it’s just gonna ask you to fill out some stupid enterfactory survey that’ll ask for your mobile number then bug you to hell. well i just revealed how far i went right? nope.… Continue reading

  • happy long (walk)end!

    yesterday, i was so excited to get home but when i reached the loading area, the line of passengers for the mrt jeepney is so frakking long… so i decided to just walk until mrt using the bridge at rufino which snakes all the waaaaaaaaay to greenbelt! i enjoyed the walk because it was my… Continue reading

  • there's no place like home!

    i’ve never felt so strongly attached with our home until i started working. hahahaha eh kasi naman, i have to go through a lot of hassles in life (in life talaga eh) just to get home FAST. yaknow, jeep then mrt then jeep then tryke plus lot’s of walking and lining up. makes my daily… Continue reading