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Month: July 2012

  • hola!

    // long time to blog! and it’s not like i’ve ran out of whatnots to tell, i’m just particularly “busy” tryna make a “bare” living out of a job i’m still “struggling” to love while watching my health decline due to commuter’s stress. lol i dunno. // last week was like one of the most… Continue reading

  • Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 vs. Motorola Defy Mini XT321 (review)

    Samsung Galaxy Y Duos VERSUS Motorola Defy Mini XT321 so many people are asking, which is better of the two? here’s my two cents on the pros and cons of each, being someone who has used both phones. >:D SGYDuos key specs: – dual sim (dual stand-by) – 800MHZ processor – 1300mAH li-ion battery –… Continue reading

  • a Philippine treasure: DEUTERIUM

    so i read our country has a loooot, and by that i mean an inexhaustible amount, of deuterium (hydrogen gas) deposits in the Philippine deep. according to an article*, our country has the largest deuterium deposit in the whole world and our reserves are being replenished daily by mother nature by delivering currents of deuterium… Continue reading

  • kudos to BPI Salcedo Village

    an example of honest banking! >:D i encashed a certain amount of money into 200-peso-bill denomination. when it was handed out to me, i didn't count it anymore because i already watched the bill counting machine as it counted the money for me. i was confident that i left with the exact amount of of… Continue reading

  • i'm 2 minutes early for work, beat that! >XD

    God loves me so much he rewarded my waking up 15 minutes early than usual by allowing me not to arrive late for work. you see, i live at fairview and work in makati, and mondays are crazy not just for me but for the rest of the manila working class. i usually wake up… Continue reading

  • // this day was pretty tiring! church then lunch then circle with my cousins to celebrate my tita’s birthday! yeyyyy! haha lots of kainan and harutan specially with angel, ang nagdadalagang echoserang froglet // my kyot kyot pamangkins >X3 // daddy will be leaving for thailand on wednesday and he’ll stay there for a week… Continue reading