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How to permanently and easily unlock your Samsung GT-E1080F (Network Lock, Sim Lock)


My phone was initially Sun locked and i wanted to insert a Smart Buddy sim on it. i searched around and this is what i found effective:

1. insert wrong sim card to phone. in my case, i inserted a smart buddy sim card on my sun locked phone.
2. turn it on. it will ask for a Network Code (or similiar). choose SOS (for emergency calls) and dial: *2767*3855#
-while typing you will notice that the 3855 part is masked with multiple dashes (i.e. it will appear *2767*—-#).
-it will cause your phone to restart.
3. change the network code by dialing: *7465625*638*00000000*00000000# (that’s 2 sets of 8 0’s for you)
-if it restarts and asks you for a Network Code, key in 00000000 (eight 0’s still >:D)
4. then permanently unlock the phone by dialing: #7465625*638*00000000# (still eight)
5. check the phone lock status by dialing:  *#7465625#
– it should display INACTIVE on the item Network Lock

there you go! worked for me! i restarted the phone and re-inserted the sim to see if it really works, and it did! >:D

Comment if it worked for you too! >:D

8/1/2013 UPDATE:

Thank you for all the positive feedback! Glad to be of help 🙂

Some of you were asking why it doesn’t work on your phones and honestly, i couldn’t answer specifically because i never ran into any problems when i tried this fix. Anyway, here are my suggestions in case you’re stuck somewhere along the tutorial…

1. make sure it’s Samsung GT-E1080F Model
there are lots of other models with the SAME LOOK so please make sure that you’re working on that specific model, otherwise i cannot guarantee anything.

2. make sure that you dialed the numbers CORRECTLY

3. i cannot verify if this guide is specific only to SUN LOCKED phones, but according to one comment it also worked on a SMART LOCKED phone.

that’s all i can suggest. thanks for reading!

8/24/2016 UPDATE:

To those who have successfully unlocked the network but are experiencing SIM LOCK problems, try these. No guarantees though ‘cos I just found these codes from a forum and haven’t tried them yet.

#0111*0000000# –  removes SIM Lock
#7465625*746*00000000# disables SIM lock