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Month: May 2012

  • sometimes i don't get myself

    or girls for that matter… // signed 2 contracts today! the first one was for REX, it’s for the yearbook. the committee just signed for 120 copies so yeah. i really hope this pushes through. just a few more numbers to reach. hay Lord, help. // the other contract was for smart. yey finally i’m…

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  • another tiring daaaayy

    Thursday, May 24// i did say i was supposed to get my NBI clearance then go to makati and blah. and i did! i woke up soooo early that day, like 4am! haha i arrived at ever around 5 and i’m already the 25th in the line. it was a freaking looong wait. from 5am…

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  • what day is it?

    it’s our 8th monthsary yeyyy!!! i would have preferred it that we just stayed here at home the entire day watching TV and cuddling (after all, we’re both broke) but this morning smart called and asked me to pass my requirements already if i wanted to be on board on the 1st, so i had…

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  • May 18, 2012

    was one of the busiest, most exhausting, and productive days of my life. haha // early morning i rushed to ready myself for the VUL exam at insurance commission at UN ave (komisyon ng seguro hahaha) because daddy says i have to get the license already before the end of the month. the VUL exam is a…

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  • hindi pa pala ako nagpapasalamat

    sa lahat ng mga nakilala ko sa tatlong taong pamamalagi ko sa FEU Diliman. whether natuwa o nabanas ako sayo basta nakilala kita, thank you! >:D hahaha

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  • Finally after 6 years!

    every time i try to blog, i always don’t know where to start. i told myself i should blog regularly, like daaaaily so i’d become more aware of my activities because i have a bad case of forgetfulness… but then again, i always forget. >: anyway, i graduated yesterday yeyyyy! whew! after 6 freaking loooong…

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