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Month: April 2012

  • thesis, smart and pointwest technologies

    THESIS IT! We’ve finally submitted our thesis (last april 17), our last and final requirement for college! this time i could really say hello to graduation! anyway, we had this book-bound at UP as a RUSH project and look at what they freakin did. The original title was, “Development of Computer Aided Instruction on Spelling”,…

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  • Graduation!!!

    my (unoffial) grad pic! bought raw from the studio and edited via photoshop >:D I CAN SRSLY FEEL IT! May 12, come closer! Argh. I’m downing all hopes of getting a laude, but if God permits and by some miracle (i.e. a change in policy, WHICH ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE SINCE THEY ALWAYS DO IT HAHAHA) they decide…

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  • i need to lose weight!

    before the holiday ended, terai and i renewed our membership at fitness first. and going through their complimentary body mass analyzer, i get to realize how much i have to lose weight like crazy. lol look at thisBMI – 23.3 (Overweight)BMR – 5367 KJFat % – 32.7% (Desirable range: 17-24%)Fat Mass – 42.4 lbs (Desirable…

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  • need for hunger games

    57 of 83 on the Hunger Games! seriously, if my eyes weren’t too sore from reading too much on the computer i bet i could the finish the book today (joke lang). anyway, while my eyes rest, my fury goes in to take over by playing Need For Speed – Most Wanted! eh grabe lang…

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  • youth leaders summit 2012

    LOL. look what i’ll be attending on the 19th until 21st! A YOUTH LEADERS SUMMIT?! Natatawa ako cos mam ruiz just pushed a selected few to apply (including me), e shempre obedient ako so i passed the requirements. nakakahiya eh. i thought it was just a seminar for student leaders chuchu so i was wondering…

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  • Emerson job interview

    i was not entirely clueless about emerson when i heard from a friend that he was gonna refer me there. but i know the name emerson is not a popular brand. hehe the only thing i know about it though is that it’s an engineering company, cos we walked in there at their office at…

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