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Month: March 2012

  • hotel hotel thesis thesis kain kain

    haaay buhay #1: we’re still freaking clueless about thesis, our system is nonexistent and we’re kindof only putting the bulk on the GUI cos that’s the best we could put our efforts into. whew. final defense is on saturday, i dunno how we’re gonna fare. i’m in between a suicidal week of trying to get…

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  • to magnum and simsimi post "haters"

     i know that what you really hate is not your friends nor their posts but the fact that the two topics are getting too much undeserved attention from the conventional norm. i also understand that you are, just as majority of your friends are, just practicing your free will and freedom of expression by posting…

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  • no srsly.

    the pressure is building up! ewan ko ba but everytime i do some photoshopping i always get inspired to live a life of a freelance artist or a freelance something-that-has-to-do-with-designing-or-layouting BUT knowing myself i can’t be secured with just that, there’s hardly any cash in there unless i’m big enough. i want to be financially…

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    How to Openline your Smart Bro ZTE MF100

    Here’s a tip for all of you out there who want to get their usb broadband sticks openlined: DO NOT. If you could afford it, just buy a new stick! A lot of things get compromised when you get your unit openlined and here are just a few (2 actually), but very important things that…

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  • the punishment

    i feel like dying of depression. ang sakit, ang sakit sa dibdib. one of the best things i’ve ever wanted for myself is to graduate with (the highest) honors. emphasis on “the highest”. if i’m not on the top, parang err dibale na wag na lang. i won’t get any bragging rights for only being…

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