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Month: February 2012

  • errrr

    // not a finger put on thesis today. i suddenly got carried away (yet again and again) photoshopping announcements, scrolling through 9gag*, and just yearbooking instead of thesising (not that there’s any cool progress with either but errrr). i’m totally missing out on the more important things to do…. like take a bath? // wow.…

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  • blood gone

    yesterday, i donated 350 ml of blood for a church activity. looks like i’ve gone a bit too unhealthy since the last time i donated (early 2011, feb or april). my blood was too viscous (or malapot basta yun) that it took so long to fill the bag, there were times it stopped flowing cos…

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  • ,


    was supposed to make a simple announcement but i got carried away (i guess). >XD why do i love this work so much i’m neglecting thesis for this hahahaaay >XD oh, this is not for announcement purposes duhh like i actually drive people to check my blog for updates haha. it’s my for unoffical portfolio…

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    working for the yearbook

    blaaaah because flash is hanging and photoshop isn’t, i can’t work properly on thesis. my wish, NEW LAPTOP. <30k on a Lenovo something running on i3! >XD AMEN!

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  • happy valentine's day!

    ooooh this day was great! 1. at the office, all i did was eat!!! someone came to school selling boxes upon boxes of discounted cheetos, tostitos and lays! course the reason is obvious haha. looooook, they’re selling these big packs at 50 pesos each. but lucky me got it for 3for100 because of the ’employee’…

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  • bitch please

    was supposed to unwind and think about stuff this afternoon but before i could even hit the mall with my sister… crap got crappier, my mood was totally killed so i decided to just lock myself in the house and feel sorry for making others feel sorry about myself. hey, i was supposed to feel…

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