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Month: January 2012


    because of openrice’s chinese new year promo, i got into a week long food trip adventure with my boyfriend at Maginhawa, where he lives. we’re not really trying out resto after resto to review food, but yeah i was looking for cheap stuff to review kasi hahaha and then i discovered this: I HEART FROYO i got…


  • you and your little world of vanity

    because of this messed up red blood cells i was semi-convinced and forced to take herbal medications for 1 month. clustered, anemic, and dead cells. chain of cells and an alarming streak of uric acid cholesterol in my blood at freaking 21 talk about being healthy! now i’m taking in herbal supplements on a strict…

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  • balik loob

    i overreacted. there’s no conspiracy. HAHAHA i just got rehired as a student assistant back at the department of computer studies under mam samson. yey for a job! >:)

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  • stuff i forgot i was anxious to blog about hehe

    Smart bro has been incredibly messed up recently i don’t know why, is it because i haven’t paid my bills yet? or i’m not paying as early as usual? errr but i’m really out of cash! grarrrrr anyhow, i was supposed to blog about wednesday because it was quite eventful! // CBTL initial interviewi sneaked…

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  • HELLO 2012

    I’m in the process of summarizing my year by inspecting my monthly entries last 2011 (as if 2011 was so buried in the past bwaha) kaso tinatamad na ko, but all in all i could say it was a year full of risks! haha God gave me so friggin much to handle this year and…

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