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Month: December 2011

  • so freaking much to do in the house!

    helper-less for almost a week now. my parents have work, terai has classes (which just ended yesterday so yehey!!!) so i’m kinda left to tend to the entire house. i don’t like house chores, and i know everybody does. i don’t like washing the dishes and doing the laundry because i’m allergic to the smell… Continue reading

  • 3 hours to goooo!!!

    before i officially say goodbye to NGCP (not entirely though cos i still have to come back for my stipend hehe)! anyway, yes. i almost got late but thanks to my superdupermegacutiepatootie of a boyfriend, i woke up 45 minutes before my estimated departure time so yesss, i was able to take a bath hihihi.… Continue reading

  • "can i open this?"

    yesterday i met with an ebay buyer at sm north the block. after the transaction, i went to fully booked to check for gifts for my baby this tuesday (bts christmas party at ding’s). i was looking at the journals section when i heard someone say, “can i open this?” in quite a high pitched… Continue reading

  • 10 minutes to go before we sign off for today’s duty! i’m so excited to get over my OJT (read: STIPEND!) hahahaha real vacation for me starts on the 27th! >XD can’t wait! yesterday , i bought a lot of snacks… a pack of rebisco crackers (my favorite plain crackers!!!), a pack of sunflower pizza flavored crackers (trial mode!)… Continue reading

  • Final Notification Text from Philippine Prudential

    BEWARE OF THIS TEXT SCAM: —- Date: December 19, 2011Time: 11:20amFrom: +639228111536 FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! This is Ms. JANINE MOSQUEDA from PHIL. PRUDENTAL. Your 3 EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES For Free are still here in our office. You need to Claim and Activate TODAY. We are finalizing all the records of our recipients who… Continue reading

  • raided!

    last night, my parents invited the homebuilder’s ministry from church (where they’re part of) to bless our house cos we’re finally out of debt (for the house at least haha)! yehey! what they did after a short sermon was bless each part of the house with olive oil and blah blah blah so they went… Continue reading