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Month: November 2011

  • freaking allergy is freaking me out

    AdMU, FEU work together for social entrepreneurship by Ginny Villa-Realoh look, we’re on the newspaper! >:Dthat’s from this day’s (as of writing that’s November 27, 2011) issue of Manila Bulletin. >XDi’m 3rd from left! >XDevery time i’m faced with this huge empty white block, i suddenly don’t know what to write about. so many things…

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  • watchless

    weird. i dunno. i can’t stop thinking. can’t quit with the drama! >: e naman eh, i know it’s wrong but that’s how my mind works! i’m a mental masochist. pseudo realist. deviant conformist. weh. hindi ko na rin trip magkwento dito tinatamad na ko. but i still want to write. i pretty much became…

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  • November 2011 Chemical Engineering Board Exam Results

    Congrats UP AChES!!! bolded are my brods and sisses (that i know, i may have missed some people out)! >:)Grabe jomuel, congrats! >XOAh wala lang, mga ka-batch ko to eh.. hahaha though i’m partly posting this just for hits. proud ex-sis. hahaha assuming my being a non-resident member still counts. hahaha TOP NOCHERS 1 ALEXANDER…

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  • two any one! >XD

    i’ve finally claimed my snickers chocolates from 7 Eleven’s promo! >XD i’ve never had this much chocolates before! >XD 30 freakin pieces of snickers peanut 35g! thank you 7 Eleven Philippines! this is in relation to the promo i mentioned here >XD

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  • what's the point with PBB?

    it’s entertaining to say the least but it lacks reason. what’s the point with this shallow tv program aside from entertainment? to prove everyone you can survive months living in a house with strangers? to setup a social experiment that may validate a certain social theory? that you can win millions by being yourself? napaka-noble…

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  • OJT! >XD

    hey blog, i miss you! >XD such a tiring, tiring, tiring BUT rewarding week! >XD Thank you Looooord! >XDmy midterms were okay! but comparing it to my previous midterms, it’s kinda errrr. >: i’m usually more serious with midterms so i could slack off during the finals period but right now, what the heck. i…

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