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Month: October 2011

  • truly. madly. deeply.

    namiss ko mag-blog for real! there are days when i would backtrack and read all my previous entries from years back and realize how much i’ve changed! back then, i used to blog everyday, exceedingly and with horrible detail, of how my day went. but now it’s all about, err, i dunno condensed thoughts. maybe…

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    OMGEE first monthsary!

    yey i believe this is the first time i’m gonna talk about my boyfriend for real! who would’ve thought i’d finally have a boyfriend! hahaha i thought i’d be one of those NBSB for life girls, forever frustrated and never noticed by the opposite sex. but owell, yehey yehey! this was such a cool cool…

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  • moar dreams

    it’s been a while since i last blogged about my dreams! i hardly remember any of them anymore because the alarms always disrupt them. anyhow! I. i dreamt that i failed the interview with the starbucks store manager. that’s like the last step before getting into barista training. the sm was kindof petite, fair skinned…

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  • Mucho Mucho Nachos

    here’s a supercool food stall that sells nachos at a very affordable and FULFILLING price (beats the hell outta Nacho King or even Taco Bell but i’m not one to say cos i don’t usually dine at TB hehe). Say hello to MUCHO MUCHO NACHOS! currently at 2 locations, SM Fairview (annex building, in front…

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    7-11 is giving away FREE Snickers chocolate bars!

    Do you want to win FREE snickers bars at the least, and at most, a samsung galaxy tab?Well 7-11, in partnership with mars chocolates, brewed this promo for us!!! >XD so how do you win free snickers bars?* essential prerequisite: a facebook account* check your notifications if some of your friends have already given you…

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  • snickering

    not cool. why do i feel like i have done so little for the organization’s prosperity. >XO  all the while i was only thinking of myself, of how my activities would spice up my resume. president of this and that, academic scholar and all. but then yknow, i wasn’t really being a good pres and…

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