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Month: September 2011

  • Y4IT 2011

    yesterday, I came with 11 others to the 9th Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology. i super thank the school for sending us here. it’s pretty unaffordable on our own so yeaaah, great sponsors! hahaha keith, lica, michelle, karla, kevin kj, edlaine, jen, patrick  yeah yeah yeah. blah blah blah. and of course, the best…

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  • uhm.

    i realized i’m totally at fault here. for bringing things to this point where it’s difficult to drop off. for being a slave of my feelings and tradition at the same time, and not knowing which one i should obey first. for falling too soon and agreeing too early, just because i was threatened and…

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  • Unlimited Coffee and Cake for 150 from Cravings and The Coffee Beanery

    This entry is supposed to be for September 11, 2011 After being featured on Jessica Soho last night, terai and i swore we had to try this out, and we did! Bwahahahaha! I did a bit of research and discovered that along with Cravings, The Coffee Beanery (TCB) also offers the same promo (prolly cos…

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  • , ,


    First of all, NEW LAYOUT! Still on the crappy side cos i wasn’t able to fix those badass margins. nakaka-OC yung alignment HAHAHAHA and and and! the slideshow up there, it’s not supposed to be like that by default. if you’d do me the honor, on the slideshow kindly click on the gear icon (that…

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  • good morning?

    this week was full of crap. i don’t know! everything that has happened since wednesday is major bullcrap.my grades went down.quit OJT to find something new.applied everywhere and realized i’m wasting so much money for this.enrolled and got overly pissed off with their new policy. oh well, tears are in for me this september. >:|…

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  • the plunge

    everything from here on is downhill! i knew it would eat me alive, the amount of load i so boastfully accepted. see now? nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi. let’s just hope i don’t get myself into a mess with the higher-ups with the remaining months i have to endure at school. stop me, Lord. stop…

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