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scholastic wreck

wow i’m in such a pit. whoever among my multipolar consciences told me it’s okay to handle this much load could die now. and i’m serious. i’m flunking like crazy. here’s how and imma break it down per subject

philhis – i could probably get a fairly high grade in this but definitely not a 4.00. too much memorization involved and my last quiz sucked, plus my attendance has already been tarnished with tardiness! argh. imma teacher’s pet here but i don’t think it’s gonna pay off. too strict.
socncul – my quizzes sucked but i managed to get exempted from the finals which is a good thing. but my freakin quizzes are a wreck. i’m also looking forward to my being a teacher’s pet to pay off, hopefully!
acctg1b – this is totally hopeless. my quizzes and exams are all faring below 90 in average. iyak nako.
english4 – i’ll do whatever it takes to ace this one. this isn’t a very problematic subject but it’s something i have to focus dead on into so as to make sure it’ll help raise my average at least! huhu
arintel – no problem. except for this ultra chever expert system we’re asked to create as a project. freakin clueless!
opesys – the project!!! c++ what?! 
thesis1 – biggest hurdle of all hurdles in a track field. i’m preparing my eyes for saturday cos i know (as usual!!!) i’m gonna cry!!!! bwahahaha
profeth – no problem? maintain!
HAHAHAHAHA so after all, i’m exaggerating. but you see, in thesis1 and accounting, FOR SURE, i wouldn’t get anything higher than 3. so Lord, let it be 2.75 at least. please? and socncul too, no greater than an already disappointing 3.25, promise.
i swear i’m going to cry if i lose my full scholarship. and i’m gonna lock myself in my room and avoid my friends and everyone. i’m gonna live like a hermit and leave everything behind. imma leave ICON, CBS, FCLC and SAship. and. just. die.
weh joke lang. arte arte kasi e no. me pa blog blog pa, pwede naman kasi gawin yung project muna diba? HAHAHAHA
wanna bet pakbet? it’s joketime bwahahahaha.
hindi ako si darna.