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Month: August 2011

  • where's the rush?

    i still believe this blog is a bit cursed such that if i put a to-do list here, chances are none of them are getting done anytime soon HAHA. but in an effort to fight the, uhm, curse… 1. study for profeth gather notes from people who has them and engage in a serious power…

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  • Circle of Lights!

    // i don’t remember when this was but it’s one of my favorite nights! >:D the entire family went to qc memorial circle to, ano ba, exercise? more like food trip! grabeeee the fountain and monument lights were so awesome, even my low def phone cam was able to capture it decently. that’s how awesome…

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  • scholastic wreck

    wow i’m in such a pit. whoever among my multipolar consciences told me it’s okay to handle this much load could die now. and i’m serious. i’m flunking like crazy. here’s how and imma break it down per subject philhis – i could probably get a fairly high grade in this but definitely not a…

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  • pretty girls!

    yesterday i saw tae kyung at school! >XO and guess what, she’s a junior from holy. what the hell. she still sports the same beiber hair but now her gender is finally identified because of the familiar brown fugly uniform. last time we saw her, she’s too boyish. hahaha i don’t want to be reminded…

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  • wew

    the competition isn’t even tight so don’t go around thinking you’re that good. props to your efforts anyway, you deserved it… seriously and sarcasm aside. i knew it was good, i had faith in it but you failed to keep your mouth shut. what you let speak for itself, instead, spoke about yourself. let’s see.…

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  • hopeless

    i feel so frakking hopeless! >X’O i was literally in tears bawling about the probability of what i could possibly lose by taking this much load. Lord, help me. >XO i feel depressed and shaken and crap and blah but i don’t wanna let go of anything. like srsly. arg. socncul and that friggin thesis!…

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