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Month: July 2011

  • usapang destiny

    yaman din lamang na nakiki-epal ako sa mga status ng mga tao. there are statuses i just want to butt in and leave a comment to but i’m being hindered with thoughts like: we’re not even close or nakakahiya naman. either way, you’re in my friends list so… what’s wrong? it’s not like we’re complete…

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  • sana walang pasok bukas

    because seriously we haven’t done anything with our thesis yet. it’s the ultimate lazy time for me. HAHA and it was so funny how i was crying so hard awhile ago at the thought of someone’s death, i was like omgehhh i couldn’t possibly take it if you died now! *sobs crazily* i knew it…

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  • someone cut me some slack

    nothing productive for this day. as in nadaaaaa. i’m afraid that if we make up we’d jive so much and i would be in total agreement with your relationship. i don’t want to. even though i know there’s a big chance of us being friends. i just don’t want to. so maybe i’ll just keep…

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  • How reliable are our government offices when it comes to CLASS SUSPENSION?

    everyone’s pretty much up and awake tonight, waiting for further announcements on whether there’s gonna be college classes tomorrow or not. as per rumors, CHED has allegedly announced that classes will be suspended on July 27 due to floods and continuous rain brought by typhoon Juaning. HOWEVER, some DOST_PAGASA facebook account says that, “CHED has…

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  • pancakes and syrup

    classes were suspended earlier. that’s -600 pesos already from my salary! what’s wrong with the world today. around 2am earlier i felt an earthquake, srsly! >XO then greenwich called about an affiliation problem and i’m like, seriously? fudge nowayyyy. things are pretty uncool at school i dunno. there are times when you just want to…

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  • pizza date!

    it’s my sister’s rest day, so we went on with the usual date! who cares about SONA (joke, i do), we’re hungry. hehe and we found this, El Bonito’s Pizza El Bonito’s, St. Francis Square, Ortigas Biiiiiig slices for 25 each i dunno with you guys,  but it this cheap and cool. tamang pantawid gutom…

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