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How to create folder playlists in Samsung Wave 525 using your PC


Apparently, the bada music player doesn’t support folder playlist. Even if you have grouped your mp3s in folders, it won’t recognize each folder as a playlist (which is just dumb). To create a playlist on your phone, you must select the tracks one by one in the “All Tracks” list. Now if you have hundreds of mp3s, and the playlist you want to create only includes 10 files or so, it’s gonna be such a bothersome task to leaf through each of them.

i’ve gone through google and landed in support forums but most of them advised me to download a music player app or something, which i don’t like. hehe

So here’s a simple solution in creating playlists using your PC >:)

1. install Samsung Kies from www.samsungmobile.com
we’re not gonna use the software here but the necessary drivers to recognize your device on ‘my computer’ are included in the installation.

2. Launch Samsung Kies and connect your mobile phone to your PC using “Samsung Kies” as the connectivity option, don’t select “Mass Storage” as it won’t enable you to create playlists.

3. once connected, open ‘My Computer’ and look for your device, it’s named ‘Wave525’ by default. Open it. OR you can wait for it to autoplay and from there you can open your device.

4. Open Wave525 and select the memory location where you want to copy your mp3 folders. mine has ‘Phone’ (internal) or ‘Card’ (external) . I usually use the external memory >:)

5. Open ‘Card’ then go to ‘Sounds’, then ‘Music’

6. On the ‘Music’ folder, copy your mp3 folders.

7. Once you’ve copied them: open each folder >> select all music files >> right-click on any mp3 >> select ‘Create Playlist’. Rename your playlist as you wish.

8. A playlist file will be created with a .pla extension. Disconnect your phone by pressing the end key.

9. On your phone, go to the menu and open your music player. select the ‘Playlists’ tab and there you will see all the playlists you have created from your PC! >:D Then you’re done! >:D yehey!

Notes: if you open the playlist using ‘My Files’, it will say ‘unsupported file format’ so be sure to open it via the music player. >:)

as far as i have tried, the ‘Create Playlist’ option only appears when the selected files are ALL MP3’s. It doesn’t work on other music formats (like mpeg4) so i guess you have to stick to that hehe

I’m using windows xp pro sp2, but i guess it should work on other OSs too and probably other bada phones (though i haven’t tried yet). hehe >:)

Comment if it worked! Thanks! >:)